Radiation is an emission of energy that comes from an energy source or nuclear waste. For inhabitants near large planets like Jupiter or Saturn, this is a common problem as they are exposed to large levels of radiation. For inhabitants near the Sun, this is bigger problem as the radiation exposure is much more extreme than that of Jupiter and Saturn. Even though radiation is a major problem towards the inhabitants who lives near massive planets, it is beneficial towards many processes like terraforming.


The effect of radiation is that it can cause severe cellular mutation. If it is left untreated it can lead to permanent cellular damage. It can also become a genetic issue that can be passed down to other generations and can cause major issues.


Besides moving to other worlds that does not have little to no radiation, treatments may include cellular repair by professionals and other medicated supplements to assist in repairing the damaged genes. Worlds with the higher wealth are more likely to have medicines to help cure the diseases that may arise from the extreme exposure to radiation.

Living with Radiation

On worlds that are located near planets like Saturn and Jupiter, there are magnets that are located near the magnetic sphere of these worlds. The magnets help deflect the radiation waves that is coming from the massive planets nearby. There are about two metric tons of magnets in orbit around the magnetic sphere that helps prevent too much radiation from reaching planets nearby.