Proxima Centauri of simply Proxima is the nearest known star to the Sun and was the first star other than the Sun to have a probe sent to observe it. It is part of a trinary star system consisting of: Proxima Centauri, Alpha Centauri A, and Alpha Centauri B. In 2048 AD, the first probe was sent to observe Proxima Centauri. It discovered that the star had 2 dwarf planets and one small planet orbiting it. These three worlds were later called: Maximada, Glare, and Tera. In 2115 AD, the first colony was established in the system on Tera, the largest of the three worlds. Due to it's small size and population, the Proxima Centauri star system has little political influence even today. In total, Proxima Centauri's poplutaion is currently 15 million and all but a couple thousand are on Glare or Terra.

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