The moon from space

The Moon or Luna is the only moon of planet Earth and is the 6th largest known moon in the Solar System. The originally barren world formed around 4.52 billion years ago when a planet slightly smaller than Mars collided with Earth. The materials that were ejected into space slowly formed the Moon. Sapient2 colonies, art, spaceships, and weapons have been discovered the Moon. The first human to set foot on the Moon was Neil Armstrong in 1969 and the first Lunar colony was established in 2026. Eventually colonists began erecting massive biospheres that ended up covering 96% of the surface giving it a blue and green appearance from space. The remaining 4% are ancient Sapient2 colonies. By making a massive artificial magnetic field colonists were able to use bees instead of ants to pollinate and the field repelled dangerous solar flares. Currently the Moon houses approximately 126 million humans and is a major exports are: silver, titanium, H3, plants, and oxygen.